BROOKLYN - Straphangers in Brooklyn and the rest of the city were concerned when the MTA put new rules into effect last year. It seems, though, that the rules haven't had the effect many thought they would.A report in the New York Post says the rules haven't created the ticket jump that was feared. Some said rules such as no feet on the seats, no riding between cars and no putting bags on the seat next to you were only so the MTA could get more money out of riders.The statistics say the actual number of tickets for littering has gone down from 2005 to 2006. Summonses for skipping fares and occupying more than one seat reportedly stayed the same. However, an increase was found in summonses for riding between cars and riders bringing unauthorized pets.The MTA insists last year's rules weren't new rules, just a way for it to clarify existing regulations. The NYPD has said it uses the rules to catch "bad guys" like pick-pockets, and are not focusing on the average commuter.