BROOKLYN - Some Brooklyn residents who have family in Gaza say they are disappointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg?s trip to the area.

It?s been 10 days since Israel started bombing Gaza in an effort to stop Hamas rocket attacks, and the death toll is climbing.

Israeli officials say Hamas has developed a military infrastructure in Gaza. Following air attacks, Israeli forces are now on the ground in Gaza. The soldiers are targeting Hamas, but reports from the area state that civilian casualties are growing. Israel says it doesn?t plan to stop its attacks on Hamas any time soon.

Diplomats from allies on both sides of the conflict are trying to broker a cease-fire, but their actions so far have been in vain.

Meanwhile, Brooklyn residents with relatives overseas are praying for peace in the areas affected by the conflict.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg showed his support for Israel by visiting two towns that have been targets of Hamas rockets. Some residents with family in Gaza were disappointed by Bloomberg?s Israel visit. Those in the Palestinian community feel Bloomberg sent a one-sided message by his trip.

Those in the Israeli community, however, appreciated the mayor?s visit and support.