BROOKLYN - Some Brooklyn Heights residents are concerned over the proposed building of a high-rise building that would shutter small businesses in the area.

Residents at 75 Henry St. received a letter from their board of directors last month saying a developer was interested in buying Pineapple Walk, a portion of their property that is home to several small businesses.

The deal would net the Whitman Owner Corporation $75 million, according to the letter.

Neighbors on the other side of the property line, at Cadman Towers, say they don't want a high-rise right next door overcrowding Brooklyn Heights.

"There is an enormous amount of issues," says Toba Potosky. "We're talking about adding 400 apartments, so how many people does that mean to the community? Right now, we have a shortage of school space."

Residents have until Jan. 15 to vote on whether they want to approve the sale of Pineapple Walk.