BROOKLYN - Brooklyn residents and elected officials called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to have the city buy a piece of land whose owner is delaying the plans to build Bushwick Inlet Park in Williamsburg.

The city's $100 million offer for the last remaining piece of land needed to complete the park will soon expire.

It belongs to Norm Brodsky, who says he believes the lot, which houses a warehouse, is worth up to three times more than the current offer. Brodsky did not respond to News 12 requests for comment.

"He wants more money before he would turn it over to the city to build a park," says NYC Public Advocate Letitia James.

Some city advocates say they will not settle for anything less than an expanded park, which was promised to residents in 2005 during a rezoning of the neighborhood.

The mayor's office says it is open to negotiations with the landowner.