BROOKLYN - Some residents on Eaton Court in Gerritsen Beach say they are tired of dealing with constant flooding on their street.

The road is uneven because it has been patched in multiple areas several times. Neighbors told News 12 Brooklyn that 10 years ago there used to be a trough that led from the road to a catch basin, which helped keep the road dry.

Over the years while doing road repair, the Department of Transportation slowly filled the trough. Now residents are constantly dealing with flooding up to several inches deep, making it difficult to get around.

They say when they contacted the Department of Transportation, officials told them they didn't have the money to repair the road, leaving neighbors worried and upset. A spokesperson from state Sen. Marty Golden's office said he is working with FEMA and city officials to come up with funds to fix the road, but neighbors say that is not going to happen until June 2015.

News 12 reached out to the DOT about the road repairs, and is waiting for a response.