BROOKLYN - Residents are calling on NYCHA to do something about the dozens of registered sex offenders reportedly living in public housing, even though it is against federal law.  

A spokesperson for NYCHA says registered sex offenders are not supposed to live in public housing.

Residents in Coney Island say that is not the case. They say many of the names listed on the sex offender registry site list their addresses as NYCHA complexes. 

It is something that two Bronx lawmakers brought attention to last week, saying that 44 registered sex offenders live in Brooklyn public housing complexes. 

NYCHA says it is aggressively removing sexual offenders when justice and law-enforcement agencies share that the offender has listed a NYCHA location of their home. But, it says since the sex offender registry list is self-reporting system many of the addresses are not correct or verified. 

Residents in Coney Island disagree and say they want more done to protect them and their families.