CONEY ISLAND - Some residents and business owners say they still feel Coney Island is a safe area despite recent shootings.

The most recent shooting happened Sunday in the area of West 16th Street and Mermaid Avenue shortly before 3 p.m. Police say the shootout injured four people. They say one of the victims was a gang member. So far, police have yet to make an arrest in the case.

Another shooting happened earlier Sunday on Neptune Avenue. Police say an innocent bystander was shot, but they don't believe the incidents were related.

Residents say two officers are now stationed at the corner of West 16th Street and Mermaid Avenue. They say the gang-involved shooting is a rarity. One business owner says the police presence in the area during the summer is enormous. He says the neighborhood is very safe.

Residents say they don't believe what happened means the area is dangerous.