KENSINGTON - Brooklyn residents say longstanding complaints of poor service at one of the borough's post offices have not been solved.

Customers say attempts to ease service complaints and long waits have fallen flat at the Kensington Postal Office. According to patrons, many have to wait up to an hour on line.

"I'll actually avoid going here," says resident Sarah Thielen. "I'll pool errands so I go to another post office."

Officials from the U.S. Postal Service say changes have been made to respond to customer feedback. In addition to creating a line at the office exclusively for package pick-ups, officials say they've turned to hiring and personnel changes to alleviate customer's woes.

A new station manager and a lobby monitor have reportedly been hired. Postal service officials also say additional staff has been added to Kensington.

City Councilman Bill DeBlasio says he's working with the post office on improving customer relations.

After months, Kensington Post Office still not up to par