PARK SLOPE - Some Park Slope residents are suing a local developer for allegedly causing damage to their properties during construction.

Pastor Stephen Christopher, of Memorial Baptist Church, is among several neighbors who believe their properties were impacted by the nearby construction on the foundation of a new building. Christopher says there are deep cracks in the auditorium of the church and a crumbling stoop, which totaled to several hundred thousand dollars in future repairs.

"I am not against development," Christopher says. "I just think you have to be a good neighbor and they have not been good neighbors."

Christopher says developers Jack and Lorenzo Locicero began construction on their new building about three years ago. The Lociceros' attorney, Ravi Batra, says his clients have not caused damage to Christopher's church and have counter-sued each neighbor.

Batra believes the church was in disrepair before the construction began. The Lociceros, according to Batra, have offered to pay for causing holes in some of the other properties. He says his clients have performed careful construction based on the Department of Buildings guidelines.