BROOKLYN HEIGHTS - A 19th century boat anchor that has been in the Brooklyn Heights community is on the verge of being destroyed or thrown away.

An antique anchor has sat on Montague Street for as long as many residents in the community can remember. The neighborhood was once filled with ship owners because of its proximity to the ship docks in Brooklyn Heights.

The space that the anchor sat on was once a ship brokerage firm. Now that the spot was sold and a new restaurant is opening, there is no longer a need for the giant anchor.

Residents Brendan and Devan Spearo say they don't want to see the anchor cast away into the trash, so they are leading a charge to move the anchor somewhere else nearby, like the promenade that overlooks the East River.

Devan Spearo says that the restaurant has been very supportive and they, too, would like to see the anchor saved. However, they say the anchor cannot stay on their property because it blocks off a key area of their business.