BROOKLYN - Could a crane collapse happen in Brooklyn?

Friday morning?s deadly construction crane accident in Manhattan has some in Brooklyn looking skyward and feeling skittish.

?How could you not think about it? ? It?s pretty scary,? says John Hayes, who works in downtown Brooklyn, which is undergoing major construction.

The area is chock-full of heavy machinery, including cranes weighing thousands of pounds perched atop empty buildings.

?I pass these buildings all the time and I wonder,? says another concerned Brooklyn worker. ?I?m looking, I?m wondering. I hope nothing falls down.?

After a deadly March crane collapse in Manhattan, safety was tightened at construction sites. Contractors must now take several steps before a crane is allowed to operate.

The Department of Buildings requires applications to be filed by an engineer, the crane then needs to be inspected thoroughly, and workers who will jump the crane are expected to be educated on protocol.