BROOKLYN - A manager of several Brooklyn Heights gourmet eateries was arrested and charged with ?double dipping? credit cards and stealing thousands of dollars from customers.

Police say Dan Kauffman, the manager of several trendy spots on Henry Street, allegedly took receipts with credit card information from the Oven and Wine Bar restaurants, and then charged the cards again at the Busy Chef.

Sources close to the case say the scam might have been going on for two years.

?So now it kind of makes you hesitate to go to stores and buy things,? says a customer Judith Farber. ?So I may not go [to] some place if I don't have cash in hand.?

According to reports, Kauffman allegedly swindled $25,000 from about 24 customers, but employees at the Busy Chef believe there may have been more victims.

They say that on several occasions, they spotted Kauffman with old receipts in hand at the cash machines.

In the aftermath of this incident, customers say they will be more cautious in the future.

Meanwhile, one of the restaurants managed by Kauffman, the Busy Chef, has stopped accepting credit cards. It is unclear whether the measure is temporary or permanent.