NEW YORK - As the final seconds of 2013 ticked away, revelers from all around the world ushered in the new year with hour-by-hour celebrations.

Many New Yorkers took part in one of the most iconic of celebrations as the glittering ball dropped in Times Square.

Dubai rang in 2014 by setting a world record for its fireworks display, setting off roughly 400,000 pyrotechnics, which is more than five times as many as the previous record holder.

London opted to go big on taste. It unleashed a shower of banana flavored confetti with its fireworks display, and it was even vegan, kosher and hypoallergenic.

Down in Key West, Florida, a giant high-heeled shoe helped bring in the new year with a drag queen drop, while Vincennes, Indiana had a watermelon drop, and Boise, Idaho had a giant potato.