SOUNDVIEW - Brooklyn residents have made it through the snow, but they still have to deal with the aftermath of the season?s first storm.

The borough got a total of 1 or 2 inches of snow, depending on the area, on Thursday. But the snow mixed with the rain that fell after created slush, which froze to ice in the night?s cold temperatures. Experts say black ice is a danger to drivers Friday. Drivers are asked to remain careful while on the road.

Snow plows were on duty as soon as the snow started falling, and they are still on duty Friday. The Department of Sanitation said it deployed an additional 1,200 workers to clear the streets.

Residents deployed many tactics to clear off remaining snow Friday. Some chose to let the warmer temperatures melt the snow, while others used shovels and salt pellets to remove it.

However, Brooklyn residents shouldn?t put their shovels away just yet. Another winter storm, which will be made up of snow, rain and sleet, is predicted to hit the borough this weekend.

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