BROOKLYN - Did you sleep well last night? If not, News 12 learned ways that could help you get a good night's rest. 

Experts say that tens of thousands of Americans have difficulty falling asleep or wake up frequently through the night, and that could be insomnia. 

However, Dr. Daniel Erichsen, from Saint Barnabas Hospital, warns against reaching for a sleeping pill. Instead, he says that cognitive behavior therapy is the way to go. 

According to Erichsen, CBT uses techniques such as bedtime restriction for two weeks in order to improve sleeping habits, which means going to bed later than normal and restricting time there to five or six hours. 

Another technique is called stimulus control, meaning you only use your bed for sleeping, not eating or watching television. 

If all else fails, Erichsen says cranial electrode stimulation is an option that will deliver serotonin to your brain painlessly through electricity.