CONEY ISLAND - A Coney Island girl is having trouble getting around school four months after a medical supply company was supposed to repair her motorized wheelchair.

Schania Burgess, 10, and her family say they still haven't gotten the chair back from Monack Medical Supply, which built the chair originally when Medicaid gave the OK a year ago.

Schania had been using a manual wheelchair as she awaited the repair, but her parents say she struggled to use it. Then that chair broke, and the family had to buy a replacement manual chair out of pocket.

Monack says that the chair is near completion, and provided News 12 photographs of the progress, but it's still missing a few parts.

The company's president says that the delay stems from the fact that each part has to meet specifications customized precisely for Schania. Then the information is sent to manufacturers in California and Mexico.

Complicating matters, the president says, is that Schania is a growing girl, and the company had to scrap some parts and order new ones to accommodate her, which adds weeks or months to the process.

The company says the final piece should arrive in Brooklyn for installation on Friday.