BENSONHURST - A school bus smashed into a Bensonhurst home Thursday after allegedly making an illegal U-turn.

Witnesses say the bus, which hit a car and two homes, was going between 30 mph and 40 mph at the time of the crash. Kathy Johnson, who owns one of the homes that was hit, says the impact of the accident sent a crack up the side of her house.

"There were no kids on the bus and we weren't out here [Thursday] morning," Johnson says.

Johnson says she's thankful no one was hurt, but worries that a similar incident could happen again. She says there have been two other serious school bus accidents this month, one in which a bicyclist was killed.

"There [are] a growing number of schools in this area - a lot of school buses coming through here - and in my opinion the drivers aren't qualified to drive buses," says Lou Scorza, who lives in the area.

Residents say they plan to reach out to the local Community Board to try and prevent another accident.