BROOKLYN - Some things are worth waiting for. For Brooklyn residents, it was the all-in-one iPhone 3G released Friday.

The Apple-made device that combines a phone, iPod, navigation system and business device brought herds of locals to wait in line for hours - lining up as early as 1 a.m.

Last June, Apple released the first iPhone for $500. This time around, the company dropped the price dropped by $300.

The iPhone 3G comes with high-speed Internet, GPS, picture and video messaging as well as business e-mail - leaving new owners extremely happy - until stores ran out.

"No, it wasn't worth [waiting in line]. Now I don't have a phone and that was the whole reason I waited in line," says Nick Donahue.

Fans of the new phone who could not pick one up in person were able to order one, which they will receive in five to 10 business days by mail.

Apple's iPhone 3G