BROOKLYN - A second rally was held in Crown Heights Thursday after last week?s alleged racial attack by Jewish men against a black man. Andrew Charles was walking down Carroll Street when a group of Jewish men allegedly got out of a truck and assaulted the young man with a wooden bat and mace.The family of the victim held the rally Thursday to increase awareness of the attack and call for justice. The family and community leaders at the rally were joined by about 20 police officers from the 70th precinct, where the victim?s father is a police officer.During the rally, the family walked toward the scene of the crime and the victim?s mother spoke about the racial division between the Jewish and black communities. One leader of the Jewish Community Council spoke about the need for these two communities to work together in support of Charles. ?No matter the race or ethnicity, everyone needs to come together to get justice for Andrew,? said the Jewish leader.Though one witness gave a license plate number of the car allegedly involved in the attack, no arrests have been made and police are still searching for answers. The victim?s family has called for additional investigations.