BROOKLYN - ? Police have made a second arrest in the shooting of a cab driver in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Erica Belgrave, 20, turned herself in Monday night in connection to the shooting of 62-year-old Enois Malbranche. Another suspect, 19-year-old April Pierce, was arrested Sunday. Both face charges of attempted murder, robbery and criminal use of a firearm.

Malbranche was shot in the face early Thursday morning after transporting three people from one neighborhood to another. The bullet hit one of his eye sockets. He was taken to Kings County Hospital and is recovering from eye surgery.

The suspect?s father, Arnold Pierce, told News 12 Brooklyn that his daughter was not the person who pulled the trigger in the shooting.

From her jail cell, Pierce asked her father to deliver a photograph to the police of a young woman named Ivana, who she claims was the one who opened fire.

Pierce?s father, however, still believes his daughter should be held accountable for her actions.

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