BROOKLYN - Nixzaliz Santiago told a female inmate at Rikers Island that she wanted to hurt her daughter, Nixzmary Brown, because she caught the 7-year-old having oral sex with her husband several times, according to edited transcripts of the secret witness' testimony.

According to transcripts, the secret witness also testified that Santiago told her that both she and her husband, Cesar Rodriguez, murdered Nixzmary. Rodriguez is currently on trial for the brutal murder of his stepdaughter over two years ago.

The witness said that Santiago kept dreaming about that night when they had Nixzmary in the bathtub and were banging her head against the tub. Subsequent investigations revealed Nixzmary was the victim of repeated abuse, including starvation.

The witness delivered her testimony in a closed court session Tuesday. Judge Priscilla Hall ruled previously that the testimony would be delivered in private because of safety concerns for the witness.

Santiago will face murder charges in a separate trial. Rodriguez faces 25 years to life in prison if he's found guilty.

Nixzmary Brown's maternal grandma returns to testify