BROOKLYN - Dramatic video of a convicted drug felon lunging at a prosecutor with a razor has left the federal court in Brooklyn on high alert.

Recently leaked video on the Internet shows Victor Wright, 37, pinning federal prosecutor Carolyn Pokorny to the floor at his March 11 sentencing.

"I noticed her being strangled. It was like something you see in a television movie," says court reporter Ron Tolkin. "We tried to get him off Ms. Pokorny. I ended up dragging him a few feet." Two U.S. marshals also helped subdue Wright.

Pokorny was not seriously injured, but she was shaken after the incident.

According to Tolkin, so are some judges and others who work in the building. "I see sometimes the judges will now have defendants sitting at the counsel table where they're blocked in by two marshals and the table." Wright was standing just feet away from Pokorny at his sentencing.

Still, many employees say they feel safe in the building, where metal detectors and marshals continue to greet visitors. Cameras and cell phones are also prohibited in federal court, raising questions about who leaked the video.

Wright's sentencing has been rescheduled for next month via video conference.