BROOKLYN - Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Yvette Clark are asking the New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee to reconsider their denial of landmark status to Jackie Robinson’s former home in East Flatbush.

Councilman Jumanee Williams has been advocating for the city to designate Robinson’s home on Tilden Avenue as a city landmark since it was denied last year. Supporters of the cause rallied outside the home where Sen. Schumer made a statement.

"To not landmark this house would just be a slap in the face of Brooklyn's history and America's history,” said Schumer. “The greatness of Jackie Robinson, the history of racial discrimination which afflicted Brooklyn baseball and all of America is embodied in this house."

Robinson lived in the Tilden Avenue home in the late 1940s and was presented his Rookie of the Year award inside. Robinson is credited with breaking the color-barrier as the first black player in Major League Baseball.