BROOKLYN - Sentencing for an NYPD officer indicted for stomping on a man's head during a 2014 arrest in Bed-Stuy has been adjourned until later in the month.

The defense attorney of 36-year-old officer Joel Edouard asked for an adjournment Friday because Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson submitted a public letter this week recommending that Edouard be sentenced to 60 days in jail and two years probation.

Legally, the defense has 10 days to respond to the letter, which is why the sentencing was pushed back.

Police say Edouard was stripped of his gun and reassigned to desk duty following the July 23 arrest of 32-year-old Jahmiel Cuffee. 

Police say Edouard spotted Cuffee smoking marijuana and approached him. 

They say a struggle occurred between both the officer and Cuffee while Edouard attempted to arrest him; other officers joined in and wrestled the man to the ground before Edouard can be seen stomping Cuffee in the head. The incident was captured on cellphone video. 

Edouard denies stomping on Cuffee's head, and says he was actually stepping on his hands despite pictures of head injuries Cuffee claims were caused by the officer. 

Edouard and his attorney will be back in court for the rescheduled sentencing on Thursday, June 23.