SERBIA - (AP) - A Serbian court has sentenced a formerBinghamton University basketball player to two years and threemonths in jail for beating a fellow American student into a coma.

Miladin Kovacevic reached a plea bargainwith the prosecution in September. The sentencing on Mondayfollowed the court's approval of the deal.

This means the 23-year-old Kovacevic could start serving hissentence within weeks. He had already spent three months indetention in the United States and Serbia, which means he has sometwo years left to serve.

Kovacevic was charged in the U.S. with beating Bryan Steinhauerof Brooklyn during a barroom brawl in May 2008, but jumpedbail and fled to Serbia.

Kovacevic's case had strained U.S.-Serbia relations afterBelgrade refused to hand him over.

Serbian basketball player pleads guilty to violent beating