SHEEPSHEAD BAY - Teachers at Sheepshead Bay High School could be among thousands of educators that get pink slips under Gov. David Paterson's proposed education cuts.

New York City Schools Chancellor Joel Klein says he is pleading with Albany not to let the education cuts go through. He says many of the city's schools, including Sheepshead Bay High School, rely on government funding.

Sheepshead Bay High School officials say 88 percent of their funding comes from city taxes. If that gets axed, they say at least 10 positions would be cut.

Teachers at the school say it went from being one of the most dangerous to one of the best. They say any funding cuts could hurt the progress that's been made, including a special program filled with one-on-one guidance for students.

"The school definitely has had a lot of progress ? I'm really appreciative of what we had and I wouldn't want to see anyone go," says English teacher Jeff Pliskin.

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