BROOKLYN - The residents of East 27th Street in Sheepshead Bay say they can't even take a walk down their sidewalks due to overgrown trees.Neighbors say the overabundant greenery forces pedestrians to duck when walking down the street. In addition, tree-climbing animals like squirrels use the entangled branches to get into apartment windows, while the shade created by the tree canopy makes the area damp and a perfect breeding ground for insects. "This has been going on for years," says building superintendent Anthony Riggio. Parks Department officials say despite the recent cutbacks to their budget, their pruning program remains active, with more than 30,000 trees pruned each year, but they lack manpower. There are now only 97 full-time Parks employees, down from 116 in 2008.Local residents, however, are not buying it, saying that they have seen crews planting new trees in the area.Officials say they hope to get workers out to Sheepshead Bay next week.