RED HOOK - From the silver screen to the putting green, a new Red Hook miniature golf venue wants to bring a touch of Hollywood entertainment to the borough.

Shipwrecked, an 18-hole course, includes holes with talking submarines, smoke-breathing monsters and other attractions.

In one attraction, players participate in an interactive mission that starts inside a shipwrecked pirate boat and passes through a jungle or a Tiki cave.

Owner Ryan Powers and his business partner both formerly built sets for Broadway shows.

Powers says most of the labor was done by the duo in a yearlong setup process.

"Everything here is hand built from scratch," he says, and much of it has been recycled from movie sets. "Pieces of the submarine we took from one of the 'Bourne Identity' movies. We even put up signs saying Matt Damon may have touched this."

But in a nod to the Big Apple, the course ends inside a replica of the New York subway.