GRAVESEND - Brooklyn's Jewish community has been rocked to its core by an international money laundering scheme busted by the FBI.

As of Friday night, most of the 14 members of the community accused in the case, including two prominent rabbis, were released on bail, ranging from $300,000 to $3 million. Most of the suspects that were released were ordered to submit to electronic monitoring.

At Congregation Shaare Zion, the Sephardic community says it is praying for Rabbi Saul Kassin, one of more than 40 arrested in the scheme. The United States attorney says Kassin washed more than $200,000 in dirty money through his charitable organization, taking a 10 percent cut.

Others from the Jewish community that were charged include Rabbi Mordechai Fish of Congregation Shevit Akim and Levy Isaak Rosenblum, who is charged with illegally trafficking kidneys.