BOROUGH PARK - Residents in Borough Park are expressing their gratitude to a local safety group helping with the Leiby Kletzky investigation. Members of the organization, called the Shomrim Patrol, say they were contacted first by the Kletzky family when the 8-year-old boy went missing Monday. They also provided important evidence leading to the suspect's car and gave surveillance video to the NYPD. Police and prosecutors say Levi Aron confessed to luring Kletzky to his home, smothering the child and then chopping up his body when he learned a search was on for the boy. Sam Follman has been working with the Shomrim Patrol for over 20 years. He says the group started its search for the boy immediately, making sure to get the entire community involved. "I definitely believe that this was an unbelievable, quick catch," Follman says. "I don't remember the last time a murderer actually still having the body was caught."Police inspect home of BK man accused in boy's murderLawyer: Levi Aron not mentally fit to stand trialMassive manhunt under way for missing 8-year-old boy Police find missing BK boy's remains, arrest suspect VIDEO: Full press conference about Leibby Kletzky case Thousands attend funeral for slain BK boy