BROOKLYN - Some healthier snack and food choices could be popping up at Brooklyn's corner bodegas in the near future.

The city says it's hoping to reverse the rise of obesity with a new program that helps people access healthier choices in a sea of junk food. With "Shop Healthy NYC," the Department of Health connects local stores with a healthier food supply, such as fresh produce and low sodium canned goods.

The program then strategically markets these items in-store by using clear labels and pricing information, and makes them easier to access than junk food. As of now, the program has only been implemented at a handful of locations around East New York, but the owner of JR Grocery is already a fan. He says the program has increased his store's profit.

The DOH says the program launched in the Bronx over a year ago with strong results, citing growing demand by shoppers and increased sales for store owners.