BROOKLYN - Tenants of the Cooper Park Houses say they are finally receiving help from the city to fix their cracked sidewalks.

For 15 years, the residents say a giant crack in the sidewalk has been causing accidents and making foot travel difficult for senior citizens.

The tenants say they have been sending letters to NYCHA and the Department of Transportation for years, but neither agency sent anyone to assess the crack.

The city finally sprung into action after City Council Member Antonio Reynoso says he threatened that he would fill the crack himself.

Crews will now be coming this Friday to fill in the crack.

One tenant says she fell in the crack a few years ago, resulting in pain that continues to bother her. She says she hopes the city will actually deliver on its promise of repairs so that no one else gets hurt.

There are other cracks along the sidewalks near the complex and in the playground where tenants say they have also fallen. Reynosa says the other cracks will be dealt with at a later date.