CONEY ISLAND - There was no blaring music, no thumping base from speakers and no people to complain during a silent dance party on the Coney Island boardwalk Monday.

Dancers listened to music from their headphones. They were able to choose between three stations: oldies, top 40 and disco. 

It is called a "Silent Disco," and onlookers seemed confused by a group of people swaying and singing to music that only the dancers could hear.

Even the dancers said it was a bit awkward, but they quickly got over the curious stares. "Because everybody could see each other, and everybody knows we're all in the same zone, we just vibe out," said Jasmine Staten.

The free event, which was hosted by the Lincoln Center and the Alliance for Coney Island, is part of a push to help people experience new things.

Participants said the best part was trying to figure out what everyone else was listening to based on how they were dancing.

Silent Disco will be held in other boroughs.