MARINE PARK - On Sunday in Marine Park, a softball game was played to honor and remember a man who loved the game. 

In August 2007, Anthony Senisi was on his way home from picking up milk when he was stabbed in the back and killed.

Senisi was the father of two children, and now, his family and friends play softball together on the first Sunday in August to remember their loved one. 

“Me and Anthony had been friends since we were 4 [years old], and we were always there for each other, and you know, this is a way to keep his memory going because what happened to him was a shame,” says friend and organizer Billy Fallon. “That happened to one of the nicest people in the world.”

Even though as of last year they all now play at Marine Park, they actually started the annual game at Homecrest Park where Senisi and his friends all used to play as kids.

The annual game is a chance to remember the good old times and a friend they’ll never forget.