BROOKLYN - A sled hockey league is offering disabled youths an opportunity to have some fun on the ice.

The WSF Sled Rangers league started in 2012, and it's sponsored by the Wheelchair Sports Federation. Disabled people ages 5 through 23 can join sled hockey teams for free.

The game has the same rules as hockey, but instead of standing, players sit on sleds and use shortened sticks.

Edward Friedman, 17, joined the WSF Sled Rangers when it started. "The adrenaline rush is amazing," he says. "Being able to play hockey and get on the ice and not think about your disability, but actually go out there and stop some picks, because I'm a goalie, is amazing."

The league is holding a fundraising event on Feb. 5 at the Bryant Park ice rink to raise money for equipment, and also to encourage other young people to join.