GREENPOINT - Some Brooklyn businesses are now calling themselves refugee-friendly.

Veda Partalo, a Bosnian refugee, collaborated with designer Mike Davis to produce stickers in response to remarks by Republican presidential candidates calling for the U.S. to turn away Syrian refugees. Partalo hopes that the stickers will let immigrants know there are still Americans who welcome them.

"Well when you're a refugee, you see other people suffering the same way you have and it's harder to turn a blind eye to pretend like everyone is bad knowing that you could be one of those people," said Partalo.

Talitha Whidbee, owner of the Champion Coffee Shop in Greenpoint, has already placed a 'Refugees Welcome' sticker on her store's front window.

"Just my sense of compassion I guess that you come here not knowing the language or what kind of winter jacket to buy because you come from such a different place," said Whidbee.

Any profit made will go to UNICEF.