BENSONHURST - One man is demanding answers from the NYPD after he says his father died in police custody.

Sammy Nastasa, Jr. says his father died after police raided the Banner Civic Association in Bensonhurst. The raid was initiated after officers claimed to have seen an illegal electronic poker machine inside the facility, where the 57-year-old Nastasa was manager.

According to witnesses, Nastasa complained of chest pains, but officers cuffed him anyway. Eventually, witnesses say he passed out.

Now, the younger Nastasa wants to know why his father was cuffed despite the complaints. He also says the poker machine was perfectly legal and was only for recreational use.

The first autopsy on Nastasa was inconclusive. The medical examiner says it could take up to 10 days for additional tests to be completed.

News 12 Brooklyn reached out to police for additional information, but they were unable to answer the questions.