WILLIAMSBURG - Some former "Sopranos" actors are reuniting in Williamsburg to shoot a new indie mobster film.

Federico Castelluccio, who portrayed a hit man, and David Proval, who portrayed Richie Aprile, on the HBO mob series that starred the late James Gandolfini are going to direct and act in the film "Lily of the Feast," respectively.

The movie is about a banker with a rare gift for memorizing numbers who gets swept up in a gangster's bid for power. The film is set in the 1970s in Williamsburg during the Italian Giglio feast. Producers say filming in Brooklyn will give the movie an authentic quality.

"We were lucky enough to have the entire community behind us," says Castelluccio. He says many of the old-time festival participants doubled as extras in the film, dressing for the time and helping to lift the Giglio structures during festival shots.

The movie will be filming in Williamsburg through the end of September and is expected to be released in theaters next fall.