BROOKLYN - Students at P36K in East New York all have special needs, but on Thursday they also had special super powers.

The children transformed into their favorite superheroes while dancing and singing along to empowering music.

Jatia, 11, turned into 'Spy Girl', a hero she always wanted to emulate. "I'm loving and kind and like if I see somebody like hurt or something I will go and help them," she said.

Super hero 'Super Lyric', whose secret identity is Kanijah said, "Super Lyric is a superhero that experiences good things. She’s kind, she's loving and she wants what's best for the world. "

Principal Johanna Schneider says the school incorporates superheroes into their curriculum all year. She says she's always encouraging the kids to find strength in themselves.

"All too often, our kids get caught up with the special-education title and they feel very defeated. They feel that they really can't achieve, and this curriculum allows kids to realize that they have wonderful things inside of them."

The superheroes intend to show off their powers on a school trip to Citi Field at the end of the month.