RED HOOK - A new private school is causing some controversy in Red Hook.

The Community Board 6 met on Wednesday to discuss the proposed plans for the expensive school that could open just blocks away from a housing project on Columbia Street. They struck down the school's special permit application and will postpone their decision on whether to support it.

Many in the neighborhood say they wouldn't be able to send their children to the new school because they can't afford the tuition of $23,000 a year. The median income for families in the area is between $16,000 and $17,000.

Basis Independent Schools, the Arizona-based educator behind the project, says that they are committed to sharing their facility with local community groups and associations, establishing a scholarship program for residents of the Red Hook and working with the community in creating a community advisory board.

Members of the Red Hook West Resident Association attended the meeting and handed out fliers with the message "Say no to a school for the rich and elite."