BROOKLYN - A Bushwick-based startup is offering eco-friendly produce to residents.

Edenworks says it is growing better salad greens by using aquaponics, a farming technique that can harvest produce in a more eco-friendly way.

The plants are free from the pesticides and fertilizers common in conventional produce by utilizing their own type of fertilizer.

The company farms fish and converts their waste into a rich fertilizer for plants. The plants absorb the fertilizer and return clean water to the fish tank.

"We are taking sort of the instruction manual that nature gave us for how to recycle nutrients, how to get animals and plants to grow in a symbiotic environment, and we're using that to create a very stable, local food supply," says Jason Green, founder and CEO of Edenworks.

Like it's plants, Edenworks still has some growing to do. The company recently struck a partnership with Whole Foods to provide produce for its supermarkets across New York City.

To meet that demand, it will need to expand out of its current research and development facility. However, they say staying local is the key to its success.

"The consumer is getting a product that they trust from a farm that they know where it is, they know who's behind it. And that's a really amazing story - to have a relationship with where your food comes from," says Green.