BROOKLYN - New York State has been strapped for cash lately ? but the governor has a plan to help the state out of its financial rut.

Gov. Paterson calls his plan the economic security candidate. It will consist of going throughout the state to see what is important to the people when it comes to spending.

Many people say affordable housing ranks top in what?s important to them. They want the government to make sure it can still provide affordable housing, and also request stipends for heating oil, which may triple in price by this winter.

Commissioner of Labor Patricia Smith says the state does not have an easy task at hand. ?We're not expecting a great infusion of money. We basically have the governor saying we have to do more with less. And that's what we're trying to do - find a plan that will help us do that,? she says.

Smith also says another way to cut spending is to cut out double spending. Double spending is when two initiatives saying the same thing are discussed in the same budget, which results in the initiative being paid for twice.

Paterson will make an announcement Tuesday about the state?s economic crisis. He is expected to discuss service cuts and order state agencies to slash spending.