BROOKLYN - A new bill is being introduced that calls for tougher penalties for those who shoot a gun at parks, playgrounds and schools.

State Senator Jeff Klein and Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda are introducing the new bill, which is called "Luisito's Law." If the bill passes, any shooter who discharges a firearm within 500 feet of a park, playground or schoolyard will face a minimum of three and a half to 15 years in prison. Additionally, any gunman who shoots a victim under 10 years old would be behind bars for at least five to 25 years.

The bill is named after Luis Oyola Jr., 4, who was shot in August by a stray bullet. Alexis Tatis, the man suspected of firing the shot that hit Luis, is awaiting trial. Under the current law, if Tatis is found guilty, the sentence could be one and a half to four years in prison.