NEW YORK - State Sen. Jeffrey Klein is calling for new standards for New York City's day care centers.

The Bronx senator and other officials are proposing a letter-grade system that would rank day care centers by quality.

It would be similar to the system that grades the city's restaurants.

Sen. Klein says the facilities should be held accountable after many instances of health violations and lying about their records.

In the alarming report titled "The Hidden Dangers of Day Care," the state officials list out, in their words, the worst and most persistent violators between 2013 and 2015. Among the top 10, four are in Brooklyn.

The worst of those four, according to officials, is Magic Kingdom Day Care in East Flatbush, with 67 violations over the last two years.

The owner, Ilene Ward, says Magic Kingdom has resolved past violations and that it is unfair for the state to grade them based on old mistakes.

"If they want to give a letter grade, that's fine with me, I agree with it. I really think it's a good idea, but don't go by a person's past," says Ward.

However, a spokeswoman for Sen. Klein's office says it's in fact the past that should be judged.

"Parents should know that this day care accumulated 67 violations, including 21 public health hazards within just two short years. A letter-grading system will clearly communicate this record to parents," says Candice Giove, spokeswoman for Sen. Klein.

Sen. Klein says he is optimistic this bill will be passed into law very soon.