BROOKLYN - A man who was badly injured in a steam pipe explosion over the summer has been released from the hospital.

Gregory McCullough was in his tow truck when he suffered third-degree burns all over his body during the explosion near Grand Central. He was put into a medically-induced coma as a result of his injuries. A female passenger in McCullough's vehicle was also one of several victims severely injured by the blast.

"We would have been boiled like lobsters," McCullough said. "If we would have stayed in the truck we wouldn't have survived."

Despite looking better, McCullough says he is still suffering from the explosion."Just trying to walk is painful," McCullough said. "My whole body aches. My legs burn. I get dizzy."

McCullough is currently filing a lawsuit against the pipe's operator, Con Edison. The victim and his family maintain the power company had previous knowledge of existing problems pertaining to the pipe.

A "welcome home" celebration was held for McCullough at The Christian Cultural Center in Starrett City.

AP wires contributed to this article

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