BROWNSVILLE - A Brownsville mother came home this week to find steel beams coming through her wall.

Rikaya Carroway and her 9-year-old daughter came back from a trip and found a mess in their Glenmore Plaza apartment. Carroway says she opened her bedroom door and saw four beams sticking out of her wall.

There has been ongoing construction around the building. Carroway says she asked workers about it and they told her that they needed to install the beams to shore up work they were doing outside the apartment.

Carroway says both she and her daughter sleep in the living room because they don't feel safe in the bedroom. "When I came in, there was cement on the pillows and dust on the pillows. That's very dangerous," she says.

Carroway reached out to NYCHA, but has yet to receive an answer as to why the beams are coming through the wall.

News 12 contacted NYCHA, who is now apologizing. A spokesperson says a contractor doing brickwork drilled through the exterior into the apartment.

News 12 is told the contractor will be removing the beams tomorrow and then NYCHA crews will repair the wall.