BROOKLYN - A mobile library was one of more than twenty artists presented as a part of the 4th annual STooPS festival in Bedford-Stuyvesant on Sunday to share literature, art and more with the community.

STooPS sets up on local brownstones where people can stop by to discuss important issues, share books, and check out artwork, music, dancing and more. It is organized by a team of local arts organizers led by founder Kendra J. Ross.

The Free Black Women's Library, founded by Brooklyn native Olaronke Akinmowo, consists of more than 400 books written by black women. "We are talking about issues that affect black woman specifically -- racism, patriarchy, capitalism and gentrification," said Olaronke.

"So this is a chance for us to take up space unapologetically and just talk about our own lives, and not worry about offending anyone or having to justify why we deserve to have this space."