NEW YORK - The latest "subway shmutz" report is out, and it shows that the city’s subway cars aren't getting any cleaner. 

According to the Straphangers Campaign, only 42 percent of subway cars citywide are clean, which is a 10-percent drop from the 2011 survey. Despite the decline, it says that the budgeted cleaning staff has remained largely the same. 

The watchdog group rates cars on 20 different lines based on the cleanliness of their floors and seats. It follows the MTA's official standards for measuring car cleanliness, but the agency disagrees with the results and the way its conducted. 

An MTA spokesperson said in part, "It's like telling someone their teeth are dirty because they haven't brushed since this morning. We simply disagree with the Straphangers' flawed methodology."  

The “subway shmutz” reported named the L train as the best, with 63 percent of cars approved as clean. The D line was named the dirtiest with only 17 percent of its cars being clean.