CLINTON HILL - Commuters rallied Saturday trying to save the B25 bus in Clinton Hill.

The MTA has proposed to cut the line to help fix its $1.2 billion budget deficit, and say the bus route is aptly serviced by subway lines. But residents disagree, contending the buses are always full and the subway stations are difficult to walk to.

"The blocks are very long to get to the train station," says rider Diana Brown.

Straphangers and community leaders marched down Fulton Street Saturday along the B25 route to protest the plan.

"We're marching on behalf of those who can't and who rely on mass transit," says Leticia James.

The bus travels from East New York to downtown Brooklyn, which residents say is a major thoroughfare in the community.

"A lot of senior citizens ride on this bus, and the bus is always packed so you can't tell me there's not enough service to keep the 25 bus here," says Yolanda Matthews.