WILLIAMSBURG - The results are in. Straphangers have given the L train a C on its report card.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority surveyed 4,000 riders in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn over a two-week period in September on all of the subway lines. Riders in Williamsburg say the number one complaint about the L train is how crowded it is. They say sometimes during rush hour, they have to let one or two trains pass them by because they are too crowded.

With talks of a possible MTA fare hike, several straphangers say they don?t want to pay it, but if they do have to pay extra, they would like to see improvements. Many riders say the extra money should be used to add more trains and keep the stations clean and safe.

Meanwhile, the MTA says it is investing millions to improve its train signaling system to create more frequent L train service.

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